Beyond Sales Training

sales training, sales performanceAt Salesxcellence we focus on sales performance improvement to both grow your sales people professionally and deliver sustained growth to your sales effort.

We define the critical selling behaviours that your sales team needs for sales effectiveness, enabling behaviour changes that bring about lasing results

Companies choose Salesxcellence because we go beyond the usual approach with the depth and breadth of our customised solution for your sales team.

Understanding your sales process and sales culture is our first port of call. Based on our findings we consider data from your CRM reports.

Taking all this into consideration this we both consult and collaborate with you to refine your sales methodology, ensuring that your sales process is designed to achieve the results you are seeking designed around your sales strategy.

Developing the capabilities of your salespeople to build trust and credibility,  with rapport building skills and identifying the value your company brings to your customers.

We tailor our solutions and approach to every company we work with to best satisfy their needs and objectives.

Sales Training Needs

1. Understand your needs

We get to know a customer’s business from the inside and out, to ensure our training solutions perfectly fit your needs. Our approach helps us build long-term relationships with customers who are looking for support from a sales training company that delivers common sense-solutions.

2. Training Workbook Design

Based on our research we will build a sales training manual for your approval designed and customised specifically for your company.

3. Delivery of Training

The training format will include lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises, role-plays and skills building using live accounts to build practical experience of the skills taught.
The training sessions will be interactive moving through schedule discussions, practical exercise, building new belief systems and role-plays using live accounts for the role–plays.
Role Plays designed on case studies of actual live sales specific to your business.

4. Blended Learning

Research shows that within 40 to 90 days most people quickly forget what they learn, to ensure our sales training is sustained and embedded to grow sales, we employ several on-going delivery methods to ensure you achieve the results you want.