Sales Process Mapping

sales process mappingSales process mapping is simply a series of customer-focused steps that enables the salesperson to substantively increase win rates, build customer retention, and increase revenue production. The five steps in the Customer Buying Process consists of several key activities and has a predictable, measurable outcome.

Step One: Identify needs
Business owners look for ways to improve revenues and market share, to lower costs, and to improve operating efficiencies. Consumers look for ways to improve their standard of living or their overall satisfaction.

Step Two: Determine requirements
The customer’s goal in this step is to clearly identify all the aspects of the problem or opportunity they are trying to solve and to specify the requirements for a solution.

Step Three: Evaluate options
The customer solicits proposals and seeks out proof that the potential vendors can meet the stated requirements.

Step Four: Negotiate
The customer now has a clear understanding of the options available and begins negotiations to acquire the product or service. Price is one consideration, but negotiating considerations include the cost of change and the risk that the solution will not meet their needs.

Step Five: Implement and evaluate success
The product or service is implemented and the customer begins the process of judging whether it truly meets the stated needs. Five steps define the sales process methodology. Each step is made up of several key activities with predictable, measurable outcome.

The steps help the sales person succeed by:

Step 1: Prospecting
At this first stage of the sales process, the salesperson is generating qualified leads and finding new opportunities.

Step 2: Engage
Engaging with the prospect in that initial contact, to have a worthwhile conversation

Step 2: Qualifying
In this stage you and the customer are sizing each other up.

Step 3: Proposal
When you reach this stage the promises end and you have to demonstrate to the decision maker that your company can really deliver the goods.

Step 4: Decision
The desired outcome, naturally, is a successfully negotiated deal.

Step 5: Repeat Business
The Repeat Business step acknowledges that it is indeed a sales process – not a moment in time

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