Insight Sales Solutions

Connecting with Your Customers
Insight Selling Solutions

The web has changed how customers buy, the customer is already on the buying journey before you connect. Insight Selling brings a new perspective to selling in 21st Century

The Insight Selling Solutions Master Class helps you to call higher, differentiate yourself from the competition, sell value and act in a consultative way as a trusted advisor.


Sales Training with high impact that brings effective results!

  • One of the most valuable tools in any sales programme is the ability to forge and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Do you care about your customers as people or only as a way to make your sales numbers grow?
  • Can your sales team really connect your vision with customer needs?
  • Selling to-day demands multiple contacts, impacts shifting sources of power and decision in your customer’s organisation.
  • In Sales today you are required to manage a multitude of details thrown at you from every direction.

Today’s professionals need strategic and tactical advantages to retain and win valuable customers in a market of high uncertainties and intense competition.

How you will benefit from this workshop

  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Create value for the customer and capture your market share
  • The steps that guarantee high-quality appointments
  • How to create the “act now” sense of urgency for your customer
  • Why product knowledge – although essential – is likely hurting you
  • Learn to qualify customers early in the sales cycle
  • Learn how people make decisions

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