keyKey Account Management

It is an immutable business fact that 80% of revenues come from 20% percent of your customers.

It, therefore, pays to focus on those key customers

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Key account management is one of the best ways to ensure repeat purchases, additional purchases and referral to other prospective customers like themselves.

“Account Management is the process of maximising the return on your investment in a customer by defining and actioning appropriate plans that will enable you to build on the present, to manage the future” Peter Chevron

  • Developing a strategic approach to account management and customer relationships
  • Learning how to construct and implement profitable long-term account plans
  • Gaining a better understanding of your customers’ needs and expectations
  • Enhancing your ability to influence, persuade, negotiate with key decision makers
  • Building stronger value-added customer relationships leading to increased revenues
  • Creating support processes that fulfill customer expectations and facilitate best practice key account management
  • Increasing account revenue and profitability

Download Key Accounts Management Brochure

Programme Objectives

  • Manage their accounts in a way that produces more profitable partnerships
  • Develop the ability to build stronger business relationships
  • Understanding the Global Account
  • Gain a clearer insight into the customers’ decision-making process
  • Identify and assess the key knowledge required and the sources of information and resource that will impact on effectiveness
  • Protect their accounts from competitors
  • Add value to the relationship by identifying opportunities that have a positive impact on their customers business
  • Optimise the full business potential from each account
  • Build and develop account management strategies that produce real business growth

Download Key Accounts Management Brochure