Sales Leadership Master Class

How do you know if you have a successful sales organisation?

Become a Successful Sales Leader

Sales Leadership Master Class focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to transform a sales team into a dynamic, productive force as the Sales Manager’s role is proven successful to the extent to which he or she is able to develop a highly skilled and productive sales force.

This specially tailored interactive training on Sales Leadership will help all sales managers working in various sectors to be up to speed. Measured by their ability to monitor and support their sales team’s efforts and activities.

The successful sales manager will learn how to:

  • Manage the selection and recruitment
  • How to coach
  • Develop career path
  • Lead and motivate
  • Forecast future sales utilising cross checking techniques.

It is also relevant as actual situations are discussed and delegates will be able to return to work with many new strategies and apply them in practice.

Sales Effectiveness Drives Results

 Develop Sales Force excellence by helping Sales Leaders through the complexities of the Sales System and into a framework of how decisions, processes, systems and programmes that are accountable for influencing sales people, influencing their activities and ultimately customer and company results, these are the Sales Effectiveness Drivers.

  • Create a winning sales organisation by aligning the sales system around company goals and strategies to drive results
  • Develop sales strategies that demonstrate value to customers and create competitive advantage
  • Sizing and structuring the sales force to effectively and efficiently realise market opportunities
  • Develop sales compensation plans that motivate high levels of effort
  • Prevent Sales Force complacency
  • Use analytic tools and structured processes to constantly identify sales force improvement opportunities

The Sales Leadership Master Class focuses on helping Sales Leaders improve their company results, financial outcomes, profits, market share, return on investment expressed through the metrics expressed as absolute levels, percentages of goal achievement and growth year on year.


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