Sales Accelerator Sales Training Programme

Have you a strategy for acquiring new clients, making appointments, creating sales opportunities and winning business?

Discover the sales strategy and sales structure which will grow your sales. Build a sales culture with an effective sales behaviours to grow sales revenue. Helping you realise that there is more to sales than selling skills. Align your sales with marketing to develop the skills of your sales team to ensure success in your sales.

Blocks to Achieving Sales Success:

    • Low level of Face to Face meetings
    • Failure to identify the ideal prospect
    • Not identifying the evolving needs of the customers
           at an early stage
    • No clear sales process
    • Failing to identify key decision makers
    • Lack of questioning skills to uncover problem/pain
    • Failure to recognise and spot opportunities for adding              value
    • Too long sales cycle
    • Poor presentation skills
    • The inability to overcome buyer’s concerns
    • Failure to focus on growing the customers’ business
    • Failing to ask for the business

Sales Training Modules

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Creating Sales Opportunities

Your Sales Role Defined
The Sales Process
Identifying Your Ideal Client
Building a Buyer Persona
Understanding Buyer Persona
Lead Generation
Creating Sales Opportunities
Building a Case Study
Use of Social Media
How to take your conversation off line
Eliminate the fear of cold calling
Discover how to warm-up the cold call
Ten Mistakes made on the telephone
Getting Past the Gatekeeper
Qualifying the prospect
Opening the Conversation
Influencing the Decision
Identify and pre-empt objections
Selling The Appointment

The Sales Call

Analysing the customer’s short-term and
long-term buying cycles
Insight Selling
Why People Buy
Discover Your Client’s Buying Strategy
Questioning Skills
Impact of the Client’s Problem
Conditions of Satisfaction
Exploring Pain-Envision a Solution
Discovering Buyer Needs
Recognising 3 levels of Buyer needs
Identifying Decision Making Strategies
Five Steps to Elicit Outcomes
Eliciting Value Criteria
Value Capability
Value v Benefits
Value Added Advantage
Why product knowledge is hurting you
Challenging Sales Converation

Winning the Business

Creating an account plan, setting
objectives and strategies for each
account – focusing on the real needs
Developing competitive pricing strategies
Meaasuring account profitability
Using CRM strategies to add customer
value and build stronger and more loyal
Focusing on customer-driven measures
Building an Account Plan
Understading Sales Enablement
Competitive Advantage
Emotion Intelligence
Influencing Techniques
Presenting the Solution.

The Sales Accelerator Programme will:


    • Develop a relationship that provides stability and growth
    • Add value to the customers business
    • Capitalise on the opportunities a customer presents
    • Optimise the profitability of the business in an account
    • Create a competitive advantage