Sales Training

bespoke sales trainingSales Accelerator Programme

Sales Accelerator Programme is geared to raising your sales to a new level, have you a strategy for acquiring new clients, make appointments and win business? Discover the sales strategy and structure which will grow your sales to another level. From an in-depth assessment of your sales culture to building effective sales behaviours in your company which will get results. Helping you realise that there is more to sales than selling skills. From ensuring your marketing and sales is aligned to develop the skills of your sales team to ensure success in your sales. Learn more about our sales accelerator programme click here


Sales Training Courses

One of the most valuable tools in any Sales Training programme is the ability to forge and strengthen customer relationships. Tailored with your success in mind. Develop the behaviors and skills of your salespeople to meet the challenges of selling in the 21st century. Do you care about your customers as people or only as a way to make your sales numbers grow? We offer a range of sales training courses and programmes.


sales training

Bespoke Sales Solutions

Learn how our corporate sales training programs deliver results. Your business deserves a unique sales training approach.  Salesxcellence customised sales training solutions are specific to the individual needs of your business. We design the training to your company’s needs either by customising one of our existing programs or developing a new program specifically for your company. Our blended learning solution ensures that training is retained and behavioral skills are embedded for sales success.


bespoke-sales-trainingSales Academy Online

Online sales academy from salesxcellence delivers sales training online using powerful interactive tools which engage salespeople and allows sales management and sales leaders to track progress of skills learned. Online sales training programs is accessible from a variety of devices wherever and whenever salespeople want to learn on the go. Your sales people are able to log on and learn any time. There is no need for your salespeople to be off the road as with classroom training Sample our online learning module here



Sales Performance Management

Sales performance management is the practice of monitoring and leading your sales team to improve their ability to sell your products or services. Grow your sales by maximising your sales team’s performance. Sales enablement ensures that that the behaviour of your sales is aligned with your business strategy.  Develop a sales strategy and build an effective sales process for your sales team.


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