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Sales NLP the core sales skill is not “How do I sell this product to the customer?” but “How do I sell myself to myself?” Imagine the number of sales you could close if you developed “deep rapport” with each of your clients! You will learn to tap into a client’s unconscious thought patterns and discover to sell the way your customer buys. What if you could climb into their heads and find out what drives them… understand what they like to hear…determine which sales strategy will get you the best results? Well, it’s not just wishful thinking anymore. You’ll learn to ask the right questions – then decipher the answers to get an accurate reading on each person’s motivations, desires, and buying behaviour.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques are derived from the field of indirect or conversational hypnosis. This form of hypnosis has nothing to do with tricking anyone or putting them to sleep. It is simply a fascinating “mesmerizing” way of speaking. Conversational hypnosis has the following three characteristics: 1. It grabs the listener’s attention 2. It focuses the listener’s attention 3. It greatly increases suggestibility Conversational hypnosis is completely ethical. It is what sales superstars have been doing for years, but they have not known how to explain it or teach it to others. Learn ten of the most powerful hypnotic sales techniques you can immediately put to use to increase your sales effectiveness and your income.

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